Handmade Soap 101

Widewater Soap Company

Handmade Soap 101

My soap is hand poured, cut, labeled, and packaged using only quality plant based oils & butters, beeswax, vitamins, salts, extracts, clay, fragrance and essential oils. 

My soap is also free of detergents, animal fats, preservatives, chemicals, synthetic additives, and synthetic foaming agents.

A typical “beauty bar” includes: Sodium tallowate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium cocoate, sodium laurel sulfate, water, sodium isethionate, stearic acid, coconut fatty acid, fragrance, titanium dioxide, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, tetrasodium EDTA, trisodium etidronate, BHT, FD&C blue no. 1, D&C red no. 33.

A typical "handmade" bar includes: Plant based oils, beeswax, Himalayan sea salt, Greek yogurt, exfoliants, essential or fragrance oils, & colorants.


Natural soap is made from a chemical reaction between water, lye, fats and oils. These fats and oils are turned into soap and glycerin by a chemical process called saponification. This process, when completed properly, leaves you with pure soap, glycerin, and some residue from the natural ingredients in the individual recipe. While all real soap must be made with lye, no lye remains in the finished product after saponification.

1. Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and water.  

2. Let air circulate around it freely.  

3. Keep your soap out of constant running water.  

4. To keep dry between uses, use a loofah slice or dish that lifts the soap and drains.